Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patz Fowle Spent The Summer in Chicago & Kansas City

Above: Patz Posing in Front of Warhol

Darlington County artist Patz Fowle recently spent some time at the Teacher Institute of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Kansas City Art Institute.

Above: The view from Patz' Dorm Room

Patz on her time in Chicago:

During my two weeks at TICA's drawing and oil painting sessions (June 6-17), I had 81 hours of studio practice and 12 hours of lectures and presentations, and I never wanted it to end! Another awesome things about the TICA program is having the Art Institute of Chicago connected to the school; it's like one colossal cultural classroom. I also had the opportunity to study at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. My husband, Mike, joined me on the weekend and we explored everything that the city had to offer. Chicago was overflowing with art. It was everywhere your eyes landed and it was just what my eyes needed as an art educator and artist!

Above: Patz began work on a portrait of Ilona Smithkin during her time away.

After leaving Chicago, Patz took her talents to Kansas City for the Summer Educators ArtLab at the Kansas City Art Institute.

30 high school art educators from around the world (teaching grades 9-12) were accepted to attend the Kansas City Art Institute Educators ArtLab week-long studio workshop.

The summer of 2009 featured two studio concentrations: Painting, with Assistant Professor Jessie Fisher and Sculpture, with Jim Whitworth.

Applicants chose one of the studios in which to study. Participants had the opportunity to spend 24 hours with their facilitator, plus an additional nine evening studio hours with a technical assistant and/or their facilitator. Artwork produced during the Educators ArtLab was exhibited at the H&R Block Artspace Exhibition Gallery at the end of the week.

Patz chose to do sculpture workshop with Jim Whitworth.
Above: Patz' Color Cones (created in Kansas City)

Black Creek Arts Council would like to congratulate Patz on her accomplishments this summer.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Shoppe 2010: Guidelines

The Christmas Shoppe is open to all artists, craftsmen, and sculptors with original work. Absolutely no dealers, retailers, imports, or work from kits. All merchandise is to be inside the Arts Center and set up for display by 4pm on Thursday, November 18th. Exhibitors are expected to be ready for business 30 minutes prior to opening on Friday and Saturday.

Advertising: The Christmas Shoppe will be extensively advertised in the local media, as well as through e-blasts, posters, and social media.

Spaces: Each artist will be given a 6-ft. table. The six feet is the width of the booth space. You will be supplied two chairs. You will be required to provide your own table coverings. Only works by approved artists can be sold in the prepaid booth space. You are not allowed to share space with another artist or sale another artist's works in your space.

Electricity: If you need electricity, heavy duty electrical cords and power strips are recommended. Cords must be covered with duct tape. The tape must be removed by the artist after the event.

Miscellaneous: Stock boxes must be kept out of sight. You cannot tear down your space until the show is over.

Applications must be received by 5pm on September 15th. Artists will be contacted by September 30th with the decision of the jury. Applications can be submitted to Jordan Heydt at bartscounc@aol.com. Include your name, address, phone number(s), a brief description of your work, and at least 3 jpegs of your work in the email. Hard copies of the application materials can be received by calling Jordan Heydt at 843.332.6234.

Payment Upon Jury Notification: Payment for your space is due by October 15th. You do not need to pay until you are notified of your inclusion in the Christmas Shoppe by BCAC.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wan Marsh To Teach Collage Workshop on Sept. 26th

Wan Marsh
99.9% green art

Artist Biography

Growing up in the South Wan was taught to be thrifty. Nothing was discarded if it had an ounce of life in it. Clothes, tools and toys were all passed down. Maybe this explains her reluctance to be wasteful or take anything to the trash.

Wan has been a “green” artist her whole life without realizing it until recently. When discovering mixed media collage she found her calling, an outlet of expression and a purpose for all her “found and saved objects.”

Her art is about recycling, repurposing and reinventing. Her work demonstrates skill and willingness to experiment using a variety of very unconventional materials.
She does this out of a need to change things, create her own order and revisit the past. Wan looks at what others may see as trash and sees possibilities.

Through her art she has found a way to transform the mundane into the sublime, the discarded into the collectable, and the unappreciated, tossed aside parts of life into beauty. She sees art in almost any object.

Wan is a mixed media artist whose work has been featured in shows and has won numerous awards, the latest being The Members Hall of Fame Award on Ovation TV and two assemblages accepted in The CPCC Recycled Art Show.
Wan studied art at the Governor’s School of North Carolina at Salem College in Winston Salem North Carolina. She has also studied at The Penland School of Crafts, Spirit Square, the Mint Museum and CPCC in Charlotte North Carolina. She has worked with many nationally known collage and mixed media artists. She has a degree in design and a horticulture technology degree specializing in landscape design.

Wan has taught decorative painting classes at CPCC in Charlotte and art classes in the CMS school system. She also teaches painting, mixed media and collage privately.

Her mixed media collages consist of, but are not limited to:

paint, paper, wood, glass, photography, metal, fiber and found objects.

She also incorporates many of her unique decorative painting techniques to achieve unlimited effects.
Wan's workshop at BCAC will be held Sept. 26th from 10am to 4pm. Cost for the class is $110 and the Materials List can be viewed by clicking here.