Thursday, March 26, 2009

Intro to Painting & Drawing for Young People

Intro to Painting & Drawing with Phyllis Cunningham
For Young People Ages 8 & Up
Tuesdays from 4:00 - 5:15
Begins April 14th
$90 for 6 Weeks
Call Bruce at the Arts Center to sign up, 843.332.6234.

Above: Work by One of Phyllis' Students

A Message From The Teacher:

In teaching art, I believe anyone can learn to draw and paint based on the fact that any form can be broken down into simple shapes. Also, that creativity follows mastery and a strong foundation enables students to take any artistic path.

First, we will learn to draw what we see, in an effort to draw somewhat realistically, and I emphasize learning to use and care for our materials. The first 6 classes will introduce beginning drawing, with acrylics and other media used to enhance the lessons. Since painting is drawing with a brush, drawing skills are involved in each class.

Students gain self-esteem, confidence, patience and pride. They also learn how to focus and respect others. Each 6 week segment will build upon my beginner drawing. (There is always a brief lecture and I sometimes use handouts.) We usually do one complete project/painting per class in the sessions that follow those first 6 weeks.

But- most of all- we have FUN!


More work by a Phyllis Cunningham Student

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