Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coker's Student-Athletes are Making a Difference at BCAC

Over the past two years, several Coker student-athletes have volunteered for Black Creek Arts Council. They have done everything from serve at events to mopping floors, as well as providing services from writing press releases to being docents.

On behalf of all the people who have benefited from the volunteerism of Coker’s student-athletes, Black Creek Arts Council would like to thank each of the fine young people listed below:

Vatrick Thompson, Men's Basketball

Tom Wright, Men's Basketball

Rachel Lemar, Women's Tennis

Mike Gore, Men's Basketball

Mike Crook, Men's Soccer

Maija Castren, Women's Basketball

Mason Ambler, Men's Basketball

Liam Kyle, Men's Basketball

Lotta Aaltonen, Women's Basketball

Kristin Teets, Volleyball

Jason Fowler, Men's Soccer

Jasmine Brown, Dance Team

Henna Koponen, Women's Basketball

Brenden Marcell, Men's Basketball

Benjamin "Beeze" Chastain, Men's Soccer

Arianna Ray, Cheer Team

Adrienne Kennedy, Cheer Team

Agne "AG" Stanciauskaite

Not Pictured: Tom Oschip & Stevie Evans

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