Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Carolinas III

The following 58 photographers entered 140 photos into The Carolinas III:

Caroline Norment

Johnny Eades

Suzanne Muldrow

Jim Fernandes

Patz Fowle

Anne Baldwin

Linda Humphries

Trey Gibson

Pam Allen

Sam Gibson

Sarah Norwood

Pam Wray

Doug DeNeve

Caroline Crouch

Duane Childers

Cliff Jones

Kaicy Gandy

Kaitlyn Jennings

Heather Jordan

Lee Benoy

Shirley Wilkes

Donna Dedonis

Rebecca Alford

Kelli Foster

Holly Brown

Robert Feury

Terri Pignone

Alyssa Pignone

Nathan Pignone

Marcos Sola

Bob Trousell

John Bachman III

Dan Albernathy

Rikki Moye

Josh Euten

Vaijsha McCall

Michelle McCall

Charlie James

Toni Astralla

Frank Douglas

Carolyn Govan

Jill Snyder

Hayden Snyder

Brent Snyder

Megan Manson

Audrey Tripp

Sherry McInnis

Susan D. Reynolds

Leslie Pemberton

Melinda Bruner

Peter McCoy

Alison Rowe

Mary Lynn Daniels

Sydney McInnis

Abby Hudson

Jacob Watkins

Ashley Hall

Martha Brown

Come see all of their photos on Thursday, July 8th from 5-7pm at the Black Creek Arts Center and Hartsville Memorial Library. Admission to the opening reception and gallery crawl is free. The Carolinas III will remain on display until July 30th.

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