Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Open Letter from Frankie Bush

Frankie Bush served as the Executive Director of Black Creek Arts Council from 1994 to 2003. From then until July 2010, Frankie also served on the Board of Directors for BCAC. As you can from this letter, her service and enthusiasm for this organization have not diminished.

An Open Letter From Frankie Bush

In 1980 through the Beaux Arts Ball, I began a love affair with Black Creek Arts Council. I was already an active member of Kalmia Arts but had not become involved with the parent organization Black Creek Arts Council. Over the years as a volunteer and later as a director, I saw the difference that the arts make in our community. Our community is a unique place where the number of events, festivals and projects are truly amazing. No organization embodies this community-mindedness as much as Black Creek Arts Council.

BCAC’s unique ability of outreach on several levels is why I see this organization as second to none. Educating and inspiring our youth, providing programming and events for adults, and serving other non-profits as an administrative and collaborative resource are the hallmarks of Black Creek Arts Council.

The Black Creek Arts Center serves as a gathering place for many arts and non-arts related events. Your support was needed to complete the Arts Center and your support is still needed to continue offering high-quality educational services, memorable events, and assistance to other community organizations. The Arts truly enrich our lives.

The services and events offered by BCAC have been recognized by authorities outside of our community. The South Carolina Arts Commission chose to hold its Pee Dee Canvas of the People, an open forum discussing the positioning of the Arts in communities, at the Black Creek Arts Center. The State’s Arts Commission chose our community as the leader in the Arts for the Pee Dee which speaks volumes about our Arts Council.

Please join me in supporting Black Creek’s ongoing work by giving a generous contribution. Our mission is to “Foster the arts in Darlington County.” We need your help to complete our mission.

Warmest Regards,

Frankie Bush

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